Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Number One Birthday Cake

Birthday cake made for a co-worker----Wanted to let her know she is #1 with us.

Garden Birthday Cake

My son is into gardening.  Therefore, how appropriate to make a garden cake.  Vegetables were made with Starbursts.  Dirt was oreo cookies, crushed up and grass was tinted coconut.  White fondant for fence and pink fondant roses to add a final touch.

Paint ball cake

The young man this was made for does not like cake....therefore, I made a chocolate chip cookie/cake.  He is into paint ball activities.  The gun was made of rice crispy treats covered with modeling chocolate.  Border was buttercream.  Paintballs were jellybeans and paint splotches  were fondant.

Girl in Bathtub Cake

My friend had an unusual request.  I had just started taking cake decorating basic class and she wanted a "Spanish girl in a bathtub with her legs over the side, talking on a cell phone".  This was my attempt at it.  I took it a little further and added in throw rugs and since she has a black cat, put one on the cake as well. 

Couple Dancing Birthday Cake

Here is another birthday cake for my honey who loves to dance!  We go dancing at the American Legion and we brought this cake in to share with friends and to celebrate his 56th birthday.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

A friend of mine turned 72.  He is a Tampa Bay Rays it was appropriate to make him a cake with this theme.  Cake was frosted in buttercream.  Hot dog, soda, popcorn and glove with ball all were done in fondant.  The 72 RBI stood for his 72 years of age (of course).

Gingerbread house

My granddaughter and I went to a friend's house and  mothers, daughters, grandmas and granddaughters  (and there were some grandsons as well)  all got together and made gingerbread houses.  What fun!  Some were taken home and some were donated to make the season a little happier for others. 2009

First Cake with Samples of Different Techniques

This was the first cake I made last year after taking the Wilton Cake Decorating Class.  It was just a mix of the different techniques we learned.  The cake was then taken to work to be devoured by co-workers

Father's Day Scrapbook Cake

This was a combination Birthday and Father's Day Cake.  Used a Wilton Book Pan.  Top sheet was white fondant and sides were done in buttercream with scoring for pages.  A blue fondant rope was put around base to finish off.  Used a mini loaf pan for the camera and covered in grey fondant.  The buttons and lenses were made of fondant as well.  Photos were old family photos scaned into the computer and then printed and laminated.  Photo corners were also grey fondant.

Ribbon Curl Birthday Cake

An ice cream cake was requested for my 9 year old granddaughter.  Chocolate cake, with vanilla ice cream; frosted with buttercream and fondant lettering and ribbon curls.

Turkey Cake for Thanksgiving

Gobble, Gobble....Thanksgiving 2009

Wedding Cake with Fresh Roses

This wedding cake was made for the Granddaughter of a very good friend of mine.  It was four layers, frosted in white buttercream with scroll work.  Fresh red roses were used to decorate.  What pressure there is doing wedding cakes.  I'm not a professional cake decorator; but the worst part was transporting.  Any hints and tips are very much appreciated. 

Daisy Wedding Cake

This cake is a 3 tiered daisy wedding cake.  Frosting was buttercream and daisies were made out of fondant.   Green ribbon was wrapped around base of each layer.

Scuba Diver Cake

This is a cake I made for a 50th birthday party.
Fish, plants, head, hands, feet and tanks were all made from Starbursts.  Just put them in a microwave for a few seconds and they soften up so you can shape them.  Sign and treasure chest were made from Tootsie Rolls.