Monday, November 8, 2010

"A cake for all Seasons & Reasons"

 My friend Melissa said she had a "challenge" for me (and she really did).  Melissa has a large family.  It is very difficult for them to all get together for holidays. Well....the rare date came up in the beginning of November, 2010 where everyone could be together for a party and they decided to celebrate 4 birthdays, 2 anniversaries, Thanksgiving and Christmas on the same day!  So.................I made a large rectangle cake as the base and decorated it for Christmas with red fondant pointsettas and red and green border.  On top of the retangle was a cake baked in a loaf pan and covered with white fondant to resemble a table with a table cloth.  On the table are dishes, corn on the cob and a turkey.  Figures of pilgrims and an indian were made out of fondant also and put on a lollipop stick and inserted.  Little candy pumpkins were placed on the base of the table.  Then I made 2 small round side cakes.  One for the birthdays---decorated with 4 balloons which were attached to floral wire and fondant ribbon curls.  One balloon for each birthday person.  The other round was decordated with red and pink fondant hearts; two white swags and two white choclate heart lollipops.  This was, of course, for the two anniversary couples.  This was a lot of fun to make.

Halloween Party Cake

Halloween 2010
My daughter had a party at her home this past Halloween.  The skull cake was made from a guitar cake pan. I sunk in the eyes and nose and put black gel inside the eyes and nose.  Teeth were made of fondant and the worm going in the nose and out the eye was a gummy worm.  I placed the cake on crushed oreo cookies to resemble dirt and a gummy spider was placed near the skull.