Monday, September 12, 2011

Gretta's Owl Cake

My future Daughter-in-law, Gretta, loves owls.  Hence, the owl cake.  Square cake was covered in fondant.  A tree limbs went up the side of the cake, and small leaves in orange and yellow were placed on the limbs.  Larger leaves were placed on top and a small owl was made of rice krispy treats, covered in fondant, was placed in the middle.

Star Wars - Yoda Cake - Amanda's 17th Birthday

My Granddaughter, Amanda, is a hugh Star Wars fan.  For her 17th birthday, I decided to surprise her with a Yoda cake.  The the body was made with a round cake pan base and then the top portion of the body was baked in a stainless steel bowl.  The head was formed with rice krispy treats and then covered with fondant.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Amanda & Joey's Stargazer Wedding Cake

September 10, 2011
Amanda & Joey Huffman's Wedding Cake

Square - offset, 3 tier cake with butter cream frosting, and
decorated with purple ribbons and sugar star gazer lillies and orchids.